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The GRIDD filter is a combined system for screening, sedimentation and degreasing system for made up of a stainless steel grid frame with a large polyethylene funnel housed into a gully grating with a filter bag in geo-membrane or other materials. A polyurethane foam filter with 10 PPI (Pores Per Inch) is placed between the bag and the funnel.


GRIDD positioning scheme

The GRIDD system is designed to hold pollutants dragged from the water during meteoric events. The degree of filtration is given by the characteristics of the material of the filter bag, which may be of geo-membrane or nylon mesh with sizes from 1mm to 5 mm.
maintenance of the GRIDD is cyclic and it is achieved by replacing the filter bag and, if necessary, the foam filter. The operator does not need any other tools. GRIDD system allows the operator to work in completely hygienic conditions because he does not come into contact with the waste thanks to the bag grips. The material retained into the filter bag must be disposed as a special waste.GRIDD system installed in gully grating in presence of pipelines does not obstruct the passage of white-water, because it is suspended above the tubes and stops the pollutants carried by the water.
With the GRIDD system, the requirements of municipal health and safety regulations are met in order to avoid environmental hygiene problems, flooding, smells and proliferation of rats.

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